Mario Teguh, The Powerful Motivator from Indonesia

Mario Teguh, The Powerful Motivator from Indonesia. Who does not know Mr Mario? He was the motivator Handa From Indonesia. With the power of words (The Power Of Words) he can raise the motivation of people around him. So make no mistake when we called his name with the title The Powerful Motivator. Belau have the experience when it was known as it is today. Curious?

Mario Teguh. The name is familiar to those in Indonesia. Belau has talent as a consultant and motivator from Indonesia. Eyes of the people he was so friendly and welcoming and fresh joke-joke, in every disposition a greeting he always memberanginya carefully so that it becomes a positive energy to people around him.

Mario and background

He was born in Napier, March 5, 1956. Mean age of Mr. Mario Teguh currently about fifty-five years (55). This guy’s real name is Sis Maryono Teguh. However, when appearing in public she used the name Mario. He was born of parents who named Gozali Teguh (father), and Siti Maria (mother). Currently Belau has two children, namely Audrey Teguh (famale), and Marco Teguh (Male). Mario holds a Bachelor of Education from the Institute of Teacher Training and Education (Teacher Training Institute) Malang majored in Linguistics and English Language Education. In his pengelaman Mario chose a job that does not comply with the education that is a bank employee in Citibank.

Education adopted father of two does not stop here. He never went to school in Chicago USA. A New Architecture Thried High School. Equivalent to high school, before stepping on S1. He also attended Sophia University, Tokyo-Japan (Sophia University) majoring in International Bussines. Then proceed to the Indiana University majoring in Operations System, the United States in 1983. This man seems fully equip themselves with lots of Education and Science

After resigning from employment Citibank Mario Teguh founded a company Bussiness Effectiveness Consultant, Exnal Corp. served as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Senior Consultant. He also founded a community of Mario Teguh Super Club (MTSC)

Early career and Career Experience

Before Mr. Mario Teguh showbizz a career in the world, he has worked as a bank clerk to connect his life. BSB had ever worked in the Business Development Bank as Manager and Aspac Bank as Vice President Marketing and Organization Development. His career started with a world showbizz Art Bussines event that brought by Mario Teguh on one television in Jakarta. His name and a big jump after bringing the event. Events Goldenways be one phenomenal event that is often aired on Metro TV and take it as it is today.

In 2010 again won an award from the Indonesian Record Museum, MURI, as Motivator with Facebook Fans the world.
In 2010, he was selected as one of 8 People Change 2009 version Republika newspaper published in Jakarta.
He previously hosted the show, Business Art, O’Channel. Then his name more widely known by the public when he hosted Mario Teguh Golden Ways on Metro TV. At this time Mario is known as one of the most expensive motivator in Indonesia.
In 2003 received an award from the Indonesian Record Museum, MURI, as the organizer of the seminar prize cars in Indonesia.


* BIMC as Head of Manager, Zamre Ab. Wahab
* Citibank Indonesia (1983 – 1986) as Head of Sales
* BSB Bank (1986 – 1989) as Manager of Business Development
* Aspac Bank (1990 – 1994) as Vice President of Marketing & Development Organization
* Exnal Corp Jakarta (1994 – present) as CEO, Senior Consultant, Specialization: Business Effectiveness Consultant


* Department of Architecture, New Trier West High (the high school) in Chicago, USA, 1975.
* Department of Linguistics and English Language Education, Institute of Teacher Training and Education Malang (S-1).
* Department of International Business, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan.
* Department of Systems Operations, Indiana University, USA, 1983 (MBA).

He has also written books such as:

* Becoming a Star (2006)
* One Million Second Chances (2006)
* Life Changer (2009)
* Leadership Golden Ways (2009)

What say Mario is actually very simple. He always analogize with objects or things around us. The simplicity is what makes the Powerful Motivator from Indonesia could hamper his words and is easily digested by the Society of Indonesia. Remarks came easily.

Here are some simple words from Mario Teguh Mujara:

* Only those who feel terbatasilah are limited. Someone standing next to a sleeping dog is one who does not know there is a dog nearby. Do not instill fear in our minds that will hinder our greatness.

That is: Be yourself and believe in yourself success.

* Someone who feels responsible for the people, by no means have to like the music and songs of the typical country. Instead he will be protective for all that is in the country. So, better start now instil a sense of responsibility for the good of the environment in the country.

The point: Defending state did not have a weapon.

* If you are looking for a job, then look for a coach education. Train tendons and heart to be the prime person. With that you will no longer make money, but the money that you are looking for

That is: Strive and diligently, and do with conscience on every job.